The elves is divided into eight race, namely: Imperial elf, prairie elf, wood elf, desert elf, dark elf, moon elf, ice elf and slough elf.

The human race is divided into three: West Vocdan,East Vocdan and montagnards.

The dwarves is divided into plateau dwarf, vert dwarf, dark dwarf and valley dwarf.

Imperial Elf Edit

Separated from the field elf race, the imperial elves is the most "complete" offspring of ancient elves.They began to build the city and create the law, enslave labor, establish kingdoms. In New Era 611, by order of Gardia II, all the high elves were renamed empire elves. Empire elves are self-proclaimed the most outstanding elves,they have a strong affection and pride of their own country , this emotion is much stronger than other elves.

Prairie Elf Edit

Prairie Elf has roughly the same population as imperial elves. Relative to the settled imperial elves, prairie elves were starting from nomadic herding. The ancestors of prairie elves are field elves ,also is the ancestry of imperial elves, they have close kinship with imperial elves. However, due to their perennial nomad life, prairie elves are not as tall as imperial elves. But prairie elves are more robust than imperial elves. It is said that each of the prairie elves are excellent archers. But now elder prairie elves after listening to a smile said it is just a legend. Maybe a long time ago they were really excellent nomads and horse archer. Unfortunately, with the completion of the Empire, prairie elves gradually began to settle with imperial elves.

Wood Elf Edit

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